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Imaging Consultations

AIS has the largest and most senior veterinary radiology staff in the world. With a single click any archive study can be sent for an imaging consultation and receive a written report from an AIS board certified radiologist, or any one of the other boarded AIS specialists. Beyond providing peace of mind and better quality, these consultations are of value to your client and an income generator to your practice.

Turnaround Times

Noon Sunday through Midnight Friday

(In by noon, back by 5pm)
(After noon back by 8am next day)

Friday midnight through Sunday noon


STAT (2hr) reads 24/7/365

"Our doctors really appreciate receiving reports by e-mail, and our patients benefit from timely, accurate and professional interpretations. I enjoy the security of knowing that every radiographic study we take is backed by a detailed report from a boarded radiologist."

Douglas G. Aspros, DVM

"Our remote island clinic location makes any referral difficult at best. By using the services of Antech Imaging, we are quickly able to receive consultations. The service is easy to use, and the specialists are prompt in their evaluations. I know, in order to provide the best care possible, we cannot do it without Telemedicine. Antech Imaging Services has continued to help us help our clients."

Dan Walton, DVM - Ketchikan Veterinary Clinic

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